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Millstream provides preparation for two- or four-year college and/or careers. A typical day at Millstream Career Center consists of two class periods of hands-on experience in the lab plus one class period of related classwork. The remainder of the day consists of required academic coursework necessary for graduation.

Articulated College Credit for Advanced Standing

Students may earn “articulated college credit” at our partner colleges to gain advanced standing and college credit for work done in Millstream classes. These opportunities are offered by various colleges based on our curriculum and specific agreements with Millstream CC.

A Great Way to Go To Begin College!

Follow a pathway from high school to college, 2+2+2 or 2+4.
  • 2 years of a College Tech Prep program in High School
  • 2 years of study at a community or technical college to earn an associates degree + 2 years at a college or university to earn a bachelors degree
  • 4 years of study at a college or university to earn a bachelors degree

2000 Reasons to Consider Tech Prep

All College Tech Prep students completing their program are eligible for either $2000 or $1000 scholarships. Owens Community College and Northwestern State Community College offer this opportunity to Tech Prep students who meet minimum GPA and other requirements. Rhodes State College offers $1000 to Tech Prep students attending their institution.

College Credit While in High School? YES

Interested Millstream students have the opportunity to become DUAL-ENROLLED. Junior and Senior students in selected Tech Prep programs may register for college credit in their program area. Millstream instructors are adjunct faculty at Owens Community College and will deliver curriculum content consistent with college requirements. Students will receive an official college transcript for the courses completed. This is offered at no cost to the student or home school.